Is there a way to know which database sequence number ( seqnum ) a document belongs to in Couchdb ? Like how we determine a commit hash for files in git ?

I am looking for some kind of a _field which is already present or can be determined.

Please help. Thanks !


You can use the changes feed to connect a seqnum to a specific document if you know the seqnum ahead of time.

GET /database/_changes?since=<seqnum - 1>&limit=1

It will return you just a single result, and it will have the changed document's ID, as well as whatever changes were made during that write operation.

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    excellent ! .. thank you. I would like to tweak your answer to this for my reference: GET /database/_changes?filter=_doc_ids&since=now&descending=true&limit=1&doc_ids=["<doc_id"] – 82Tuskers Oct 29 '15 at 9:04

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