Problem: I don't have a whole lot of documents but each document has gone through a lot of revisions and therefore there is much history and the update_seq number is huge.

When I try to replicate this to my local db for the first time it takes a lot of time. I am doing a one time replication.

Question: Is there a way to do a one time replication based on seq numbers ? Something like git clone --depth=x .

I only want to copy the latest version (leaf versions) of the document when I do this replication.

How do I go about this ? Please advise. Thanks !


CouchDB replicates only leaf revisions, so (unless the history of your document is non-linear) it should fetch only the latest revision. So this is in fact somewhat equivalent to

git clone --depth=1 --no-single-branch

Please see this diagram for visual explanation of this concept.

There is no possibility of limiting the depth of the replication to single 'branch' (which is the default git behaviour), because it breaks the CouchDB conflict resolution mechanism.

If you experience slow replication for fresh copies, then you may try one of the following:

  • Check how many leaf revisions you have for your document: curl http://server/database/document?conflicts=true. If you have many, consider resolving the conflicts by removing the unneeded leaves.
  • Perform compaction on the source database -- it should rebuild the B-trees for the database and make fetching revision tree faster during the replication.

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