currently i'm facing some issue in laravel input validation where the validation rules for between seems like doesnt apply correctly. Below is my HTML code.

<input type="hidden" name="_token" value="{{ csrf_token() }}">
                <div class="margin-bottom-10">
                    <label>Thread Title :</label>
                    <input name="thread_title" maxlength="100" required>
                <div class="margin-bottom-10">
                    <label>Price :</label>
                    <input type="number" step="0.01" min="0" required title="Please enter price with x.xx format." name="thread_item_price" />

What i'm trying to do is to validate the given price must be between 0 and 9999.99. I inspect element and remove the min="0" and try to submit with negative value says -1000, the system seems to accept the input. Below is my validator rules

$validator = Validator::make($request::all(),
                'thread_title' => 'required|max:100',
                'thread_item_price' => 'between:0,9999.99'
                'thread_title.required' => 'Please fill in thread title.',
                'thread_title.max' => 'Thread title has exceeded 100 characters.',
                'thread_item_price.required' => 'Price cannot be empty.',
                'thread_item_price.between' => 'Price must be equals to 0 or 9999.99.',

        if ($validator->fails()) {
            return Redirect::back()

Am i doing something wrong and make the validation failed?


You need to let Laravel know that it's a numeric value. This should work for you.

'thread_item_price' => 'numeric|between:0,9999.99'

Between rule accept only integers for numerics. You should use digits_between rule for float numbers.

Edit: I don't know why Laravel accept it, validation rule digits_between use is_numeric function. You can try regex rule:

['thread_item_price' => 'regex:/^\d{0,4}\.\d{2}$/'];
  • it still accept with digits_between – Darren Lau Oct 29 '15 at 15:08
  • 2
    There is no need to run a regex. digits_between checks the number of digits, not the numeric value of the input. between works, but you need to let Laravel know that it's a numeric value as shown in my answer. – Thomas Kim Oct 29 '15 at 16:24

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