I want to build boost libraries for android, shared version. After a lot of struggle I managed in the intent. However, when packaging the libraries inside my application I cannot have them with the suffix with the version number after the .so extension. And I cannot simply rename the files as they link to each other by referring to the name with the suffix.

How can I get rid of the version suffix when building boost libraries?

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Taken from here, the solution is:

In boostcpp.jam, find the line if $(type) = SHARED_LIB && and, just below, remove .$(BOOST_VERSION) from result computation:

    if $(type) = SHARED_LIB &&
      ! [ $(property-set).get <target-os> ] in windows cygwin darwin aix &&
      ! [ $(property-set).get <toolset> ] in pgi
        result = $(result).$(BOOST_VERSION)  ;

(You can in fact comment the entire section)

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