In Visual Studio 2015, I can't seem to find my "Find in Files" modal window. When I type cntrl+shift+f or go to Edit > Find and Replace > Find in Files, visual studio appears to recognize the command, I just cannot see the window. Is there a way I can reset my visual studio settings so that I can see this window again?

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Activate it (Ctrl+Shift+F), then with the mouse select Window->Dock. It docked it above my Output window and made it visible again.

Weirdly, when I did Window->Reset Window Layout, it reset everything, but did not show that window or make it show up when I chose Find in Files.

  • Activate it (Ctrl+Shift+F), then with the mouse select Window->Dock worked for me in VS2017
    – Benjamin
    May 9, 2018 at 9:03
  • My experience just now using VS 2019 and an older solution from a Github repo was exactly as described here, but the results window, which is separate, required that I also do the same thing. I ended up docking the results window to the bottom of the floating Find in Files window after undocking and floating the results window and doing another Ctrl-Shift-F to bring the find window back.
    – RealHandy
    May 28, 2019 at 18:28

Window->Reset Window Layout should revert to the default layout.

If you have exported your settings previously (before you lost the Find in Files window), you can re-import those settings as well. That's found under the Tools menu. You can clear 'All Settings' and select General Settings->Window Layouts only, if you want.

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    Definitely export those settings once you get them the way you like--saves you a ton of trouble later. Oct 29, 2015 at 20:33

If you have multiple monitors check if it opened there. Especially if you have your laptop lid closed. The monitor could still be active.


Activate it (Click the Find in Files shortcut which is located at top position of V.S. application), then with the mouse select Window->Dock. It docked it below my Output window and made it visible again. My visual studio is 2015.

  • This is a duplicate answer of the most popular answer 2 years later. May 11, 2019 at 20:46

In case of windows hidden behind screen border, its also useful to press Left Alt + Space to show window popup menu. Then it is possible to select Move action and move window to visible area using arrow keys.


For Visual Studio Mac, I had to close all files (right click file tab > close all files), then relaunch a file and then it worked.

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