I am using objdump to generate the disassembly of C code and wondering if there is a way to get the names of variables from the heap (.bss section) to be used in the .text section disassembly, rather than the hex addresses.

For example,

int main(void)
    while (1)
        request_ID = Receive(0, buffer, MSG_SIZE, 0);
    return 0;

This is compiled, and then using objdump -D file.o I get the disassembly, including the .bss section:

 400:   55                      push   ebp
 401:   89 e5                   mov    ebp,esp
 403:   83 ec 18                sub    esp,0x18
 43d:   a1 cc 24 00 00          mov    eax,ds:0x24cc

Disassembly of section .bss:

000024cc <request_pID>:

What I would like is for the hex addresses of variables to be replaced by their name:

     43d:   a1 cc 24 00 00          mov    eax, <request_ID>

I could write a sed script or something similar to achieve this, but was wondering if there was a simpler option.

Even better would be for both the address and the variable name to be printed to aid in debugging.

     43d:   a1 cc 24 00 00          mov    eax, ds:0x24cc <request_ID>

The code is for an operating system development being tested in Bochs, so if there is some other way of loading symbols into Bochs' debugger that would be a good workaround, although I would still like the objdump output to be created as well.

thanks, Paul

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