I'm creating an app, that could spot people using iBeacon technology. So now i want to create a feature to show people that are near me using iPhone camera. Basically it should look like FlightRadar24 app function, that draw airplane names above video. What should i use to draw something(for example, user avatar, that is near) above camera layer and constantly update it's position?

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  • You need to provide way more information on what you need to do, what you've tried, code that you've tried, code that hasn't work/worked, steps taken, etc. – Lukesivi Nov 9 '15 at 20:30

I assume that you need to do some image recognition. I would check out OpenCV. Best way to download it is downloading the source and compile it locally into a framework that you will drag inside your app. OpenCV is C++, so you will need to create an Objective C wrapper around the functions that you need and import those into Swift via a bridging header. Remember that C++ needs garbage collection. This part is simple on paper but if you never worked with computer vision it gets really difficult to spot which functions you need to "wrap".

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Precise 3D location is required before it could be displayed in an augmented reality mode.

I don't think that iBeacon/beacons generally or even raw bluetooth will give you a direction just a distance/proximity based on the power.

Given that I don't think the feature that you are describing is possible.

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You can simply use an UIView and add it on the top layer of your view hierarchy. I tried it in my own project and this solution is working fine.

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  • For a more detailed answer I need more details in the question – Stefan Nov 10 '15 at 22:48

you can try one of these approaches:

Use a framework written in swift

use this framework written in Objective-C

or follow this tutorial

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