I'm using jQuery to develop webapps on the iPad and it seems the jQuery live event doesn't work... This was the case when I was working with the SDK iPad emulator and now that I have the iPad to work on, its still the same (I was hoping it was an emulator fault). Running the same code on a web kit build works fine.

I'm just wondering if anyone else is having this problem? If there is a fix? or if it's me? Hoping someone can help as my code is becoming really bloated having to rebind clicks etc after ajax calls.

Thanks :)


The issue is for some reason mobile safari does not attach the click events to some DOM elements, So you have to manually attach them.


and when you add this later it works on the ipad

<div class='header' onclick=''>Station Info</div>

here is where I got my information



I had to use the jQuery .delegate event which seems to do the trick binding click to an element after an ajax call.


'cursor: pointer' for the perticular ID in css file works for me..


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