I want to make the following commands:

cat > template.txt [enter in the terminal] text [Ctrl+d in the terminal]

in a script.

Is there a way to tell the script to do enter\Ctrl d? Is there a way to create a file and write to it in script?

I didn't find anything that worked for me.


  • This problem doesn't seem related to c. What script do you use? Bash? Zsh? Perl? Python? Ruby? Other? – MikeCAT Nov 1 '15 at 4:31
  • Related question Representing EOF in C code? – Trutane Mar 6 '18 at 23:16

A Here Document is kind of like a script version of what you're talking about, I think, although it is not entirely clear to me from your description.


cat > template.txt <<- EOF
    is some 

Ctrl-D itself is the EOF character, ASCII 4.


When you want an interactieve user enter lines and add them to your file until the user enters an ^D you can use the next script:

echo "Please give input"

while read -r line; do
            echo "Enter next line or ^D"
            echo "${line}" > template.txt
echo "After loop"

You do not have to check for ^D, that will be recognized by read without doing something extra.So you do not need to use CTRL-V CTRL-D in vi.

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