In fishshell, I can create and save a function very easy, like:

function aaa
   echo hello

funcsave aaa

But how to view the body of the function aaa from command line easily? Is there any way other than:

echo ~/.config/fish/functions/aaa.fish
  • FYI fish aliases are functions, so solutions will also work for aliases. – Warlike Chimpanzee Aug 8 '18 at 18:23

invoke functions aaa on command line

username@MacBook-Pro ~> functions aaa
function aaa
    echo hello
username@MacBook-Pro ~>

Some more uses of functions command

functions -n
# Displays a list of currently-defined functions

functions -c foo bar
# Copies the 'foo' function to a new function called 'bar'

functions -e bar
# Erases the function `bar`

Also, type aaa will show you the function definition, with a bit of a preamble:

$ type aaa
aaa is a function with definition
function aaa
    echo hello
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    This is even better than functions aaa because the output is syntax highlighted! – z3ntu Dec 11 '16 at 15:03

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