In Ruby, I would use the RUBY_PLATFORM constant to determine what operating system (Mac, Windows, Linux etc) my program is running on. Does Elixir have a way to get this information?

I'm currently attempting to re-create a Ruby program I wrote in Elixir, and I have a method that will make an OS-dependent system call to open a document. The method looks something like:

def self.open_document(filename)
  when %r(darwin)
    system('open', filename)
  when %r(linux)
    system('xdg-open', filename)
  when %r(windows)
    system('cmd', '/c', "\"start #{filename}\"")
    puts "Don't know how to open file"

I know I can run the Ruby Kernel.system commands using Elixir's System.cmd/3, but I'm not sure how to get the RUBY_PLATFORM value equivalent to make the switch on in the case statement, or whether I can actually get that information. Is this possible?


As per Lol4t0's answer and for further reference:

iex> :os.type
{:unix, :darwin}
iex> System.cmd("uname", ["-s"])
{"Darwin\n", 0}

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You can call Erlang os:type to get platform name info:

type() -> {Osfamily, Osname}


Osfamily = unix | win32
Osname = atom()

Returns the Osfamily and, in some cases, Osname of the current operating system.

On Unix, Osname will have same value as uname -s returns, but in lower case. For example, on Solaris 1 and 2, it will be sunos.

In Windows, Osname will be either nt (on Windows NT), or windows (on Windows 95).

In Elixir you probably have to call


to refer to that function with Osfamily being :unix or :win32.


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