I am making a search that searches a SQL table by multiple rows. For example:

| FirstName | LastName |
| John      | Doe      |

SELECT FirstName,LastName FROM Users WHERE FirstName LIKE '%inputhere%' OR LastName LIKE '%inputhere%' LIMIT 10

When I search a full name (e.g. John Doe) no results appear because no one row has that value.

I there a way to separate the search query by spaces in order to avoid this?

  • Investigate full text indexes. That is probably the best solution for what you want to do. Nov 1, 2015 at 18:33

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Similar to what Gordon said, the best solution is to use Full Text indexes. However, You can do it like this:

Select * from Users where concat(FirstName, " ", LastName) like "John Doe"

You can feel free to turn "John Doe" to "%John Doe%" or "John Doe%".

Try it here: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!9/d0042/5/0


The best solution for what you want is full text indexes. However, you might be able to accomplish what you want with something like this:

where concat_ws(' ', firstname, lastname) like concat('%', replace($inputhere, ' ', '%'), '%') or
      concat_ws(' ', lastname, firstname) like concat('%', replace($inputhere, ' ', '%'), '%')

This is brute force and requires a full table scan for each query (which is okay for small tables).

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