I recently started running into this issue where I build to the simulator SDK in Unity, but no simulators are listed for me to build to. The only option shown is "My Mac". I have the latest simulators downloaded (9.0-9.1) and that is my build target. I've tried in Xcode 7.1 and the 7.2 beta, and I'm using Unity 5.2.2. Any ideas as to what may cause/fix this? Thanks!


In Unity, before building your project, go to: Player settings > Other settings > SDK version > Simulator SDK

Make sure simulator Sdk is checked and not Device Sdk. Hope that helps


(1) In Unity select Simulator SDK. (2) Build and run (3) In Xcode , Build setting -> Architecture -> Supported platform -> select iOS.

this will solve your problem.


In unity to list out simulators flow the steps:-

  1. Select Project From Targets of Project.
  2. Go to Builds Setting.
  3. Now Select iOS from Supported Platforms & Base SDK in Architecture Section of Build Settings.

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