It's not uncommon for me to record a patch, pull it into my staging branch and then realize I've done something small and silly like a typo in a logging message, or something similarly trivial which doesn't require (to my mind) a whole new patch.

In these instances, I've been using:

darcs amend-record

To update the patch. But when I re-pull darcs will treat the patches as conflicting, so I end up having to unrecord and revert the patch in the staging branch, and then pull it again.

Is there a darcs command or option that will allow me to more simply pull an amended patch?

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Not really. Amending a patch makes it into a different patch, even though the name is the same as before. amend-record is normally used only in the local repo, before the patch has been pushed/pulled elsewhere. If the patch has been pushed to other repos, you'll need to obliterate it in those, and re-pull the amended version. (obliterate is the modern spelling of "unpull").

Alternately, use the rollback command; this is more friendly when the repos in question are public and used by multiple developers.

  • This seems to be even more difficult if you want to sync a remote repo (like on <hub.darcs.net>), which you usually push to. Say, if it's not a single patch, then how do you easily make the remote repo obliterate all patches that are not in a certain local one? (To be done before pushing the amended patches.) I'm thinking that one of the ways would be to put a copy of new local repo on the web, and ssh HUB obliterate with some options referring to the new copy which make it select the patches not in the reference repo... Jan 8, 2016 at 0:14

You could try first running darcs unpull on the staging branch then pulling in the amended patch.

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