I do an application which deletes comments on Instagram since Saturday 31st of October, I get this response when I use API to delete comments:

{"error_type":"OAuthRateLimitException","code":429,"error_message":"The maximum number of requests per hour has been exceeded...."}}.

I see that they did a modification one year ago for the limits of the number of requests, but I don't have this error during this execution since before the update. How to avoid it? Is it necessary to retrieve a new token or is there an another way to avoid it?


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Use a secure API request to get a higher limit. I think you missed this email from Instagram:

When we announced our publishing guidelines for likes/relationship actions, we also introduced a new technique to sign API requests. As part of this announcement we set a deprecation date for the previous signed-headers functionality to Sept 1, 2015.

This email is to let you know that support for signed-headers has now been deprecated. We know that a number of developers (including your company) are still relying on this option, and have whitelisted your client_id for an extended period. Please plan the migration to securing your application with signed-requests as soon as possible. You can learn more about this feature here: https://instagram.com/developer/secure-api-requests/.

The extended support will end on Nov 1 2015. You will see your rate-limits for publishing likes/follows/comments reduced if you haven’t migrated after this date.

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