I am trying to select all columns from a table in a joined SQLite.swift table statement with the help of the select function, but I always get the following error:

Cannot invoke 'select' with an argument list of type '(Expression<Void>)'

Here is a demo code producing the error:

let messageId = Expression<String>("id")
let messageContent = Expression<String>("content")
let messageGroupId = Expression<String>("group_id")

let groupId = Expression<String>("id")
let groupName = Expression<String>("name")

if let db = try? Connection()
    let messageTable = Table("message")
    let groupTable = Table("group")

    try! db.run(messageTable.create() { t in
        t.column(messageId, primaryKey: true)

    try! db.run(groupTable.create() { t in
        t.column(groupId, primaryKey: true)

    let query = messageTable
        .join(groupTable, on: messageTable[messageGroupId] == groupTable[groupId])
        .filter(messageTable[messageGroupId] == "SOME GROUP ID")
        .select(messageTable[*])    // THIS SELECT IS CAUSING AN ERROR - WHAT IS WRONG?

The last call of the select function is always causing an error when I try to use the STAR (all fields of a table). Is there any way I can use the star operator and not list all of the fields separately?

I am using Xcode 7.0.1, maybe this is fixed in 7.1 with swift 2.1?

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