This is concerning WWW::Selenium module from Perl's CPAN. I'm having an issue finding BigBroLot1446130409 in the HTML below. It is a drop down menu.

Here is the HTML

<select name="lot_id" id="lot_id" title="">
<option value="">Select an Available Lot</option>

<option value="497">
  - 0g
  (100 credits to list)

<option value="500">
  - 199g
  (100 credits to list)

When I use this code, it actutally works.

$locator = q{//select[@id="lot_id" and @name="lot_id"]};
$ret = $sel->wait_for_element_present($locator, $timeout);
$ret = $sel->select($locator, "value=497"); 

The code above works but in actual testing but I need to find the element based on text BigBroLot1446130409 and not on value=497.

<option value="497">
  - 0g
  (100 credits to list)

It is a drop-down menu so I think I need to use the following function from the documentation:

$sel->select($select_locator, $option_locator)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  • @ikegami I won't be using regular expression, I have reworded the question, thanks. – BioRod Nov 3 '15 at 19:48

As stated previously, I want to select from a drop-down menu based on the 'BigBroLotXXXXXX'name which is from a variable. In the module's documentation there is a function called


Gets all option labels in the specified select drop-down.
$select_locator is an element locator identifying a drop-down menu
Returns an array of all option labels in the specified select drop-down. 

So, I was able to know that all my choices from the drop-down menu was in an array.

The function to select an element from a drop-down menu is:

$sel->select($select_locator, $option_locator)

The documentation for this module states that $option_locator can be:

label=labelPattern:matches options based on their labels


value=valuePattern:matches options based on their values.

id=id:matches options based on their ids.

index=index:matches an option based on its index (offset from zero).

First, I need to define the locator of where my array of choices are so I can feed it into the get_select_options function:

$locator = q{//select[@id="lot_id" and @name="lot_id"]};

my @array = $sel->get_select_options($locator);

For grins, I wanted to verify that @array did have choices in them:

Select an Available Lot
BigBroLot1446130409 - 0g (100 credits to list)
BigBroLot1446087714 - 0g (100 credits to list)
BigBroLot1446665592 - 36g (100 credits to list)
BigBroLot1446060974 - 0g (100 credits to list)
BigBroLot1446668987 - 64g (100 credits to list)

As stated in the $sel-select function, I can find elements using indexes so I used that as my option_locator for the $sel->select function with the help of the List::MoreUtils module. For example lets say $xyz = BigBroLot1446130409

use List::MoreUtils qw(first_index);
use 5.010;
my ($index) = grep { $array[$_] =~ /$xyz/ } (0 .. @array-1);

And here is the code that selected my element from a drop-down menu:

$locator = q{//select[@id="lot_id" and @name="lot_id"]};
$ret = $sel->select($locator,"index=$index");

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