I am trying to understand MEF and I am seeing references to MEF and MEF 2.

This site lists MEF2 as being much faster than MEF (4.0).

I need to understand what I am talking about when most people say MEF.

So which is in the .NET Framework 4.5? MEF or MEF2?

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Well to make it even more confusing Microsoft released three versions of MEF using two only unique names: MEF and MEF2

  • System.ComponentModel.Composition.* MEF in .NET 4 (typically called just MEF), no support for CompositionScopes, ExportFactories, etc
  • System.ComponentModel.Composition.* MEF2 in .NET 4.5 (sometimes called MEF2 or MEF), support for composition scopes, ExportFactories
  • System.Compostion.* from independent package Microsoft.Composition lightweight version of MEF typically called MEF2

The benchmark site refers to lightweight MEF2 System.Compostion.* from Microsoft.Composition package.

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