I got an image, and I want to add a border when I hover the mouse. If it has a fadein animation even better.

But I have no idea how to link a class to my image. where should I define it?. And if I update the Wordpress version, it is deleted?.


You are asking quite a few question in this one issue.

Your first question is how you create a class in CSS. You can read about that here.

The next 'question' is about fading (well, you more alluded to the idea of wanting a transition) - you can read about that here or here.

Your last question is about updating Wordpress; will it affect your custom css. That is completely dependent on how you went about adding the custom css. If the theme gets updated, it might override your changes, if you used some sort of theme customizer, backend custom css module; that also might get overridden, but it is completely dependent on how you go about adding your custom css.

Sorry I didn't get into specifics, that's because I am unsure about your current code.

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