Using asp.net 5, MVC 6, code first, entity Framework 7, beta 8.

I understand that some validation can be handled through annotations on properties, e.g. Data Type, min, max values and the jquery scripts, but I'm not sure how in code validation against a duplicate entry getting into the database, like preventing a duplicate e-mail reg on a form.

Is there any annotation that I can use for this on my model property or do I need to code something in my controller to handle this custom validation? Anyone got an example to share?


EF7 does not have any magic to prevent duplicate values in a table. The only way to validate duplicates is to make a roundtrip to the database. The best way to do this is with a unique constraint. This may be expressed as a unique index. Any attempt to insert a duplicate entry should throw an exception.

That said, you can configure EF7 to recognize the unique index in your database in your OnConfiguring method. See Indexes : Configuring Your Model in the EF7 docs.

            .Index(b => b.Email)
  • for EF7: builder.Entity<User>() .HasIndex(b => b.Email) .IsUnique(true) – Sergey Jan 10 '16 at 12:33

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