I have the following smarty code:

  {foreach from=$additional_fields item=v}
    {if $v.fieldid eq 5}
         // several pounds of php code here
         $myfieldid = {$v.fieldid}; // this is wrong

I'm trying to grab the current field id with my custom php code, in other words {$v.fieldid}. I've found a few posts referencing $this->_tpl_vars[somevar] to get smarty variables when inside the {php} tags, but that doesn't seem to work with foreach.

I realize that using the {php} tags in smarty is counter-intuitive to the whole smarty concept and like totally lame, but I have my reasons. Thanks for the help!


change $myfieldid = {$v.fieldid}


$myfieldid = $v['fieldid'];

by the way what you are doing is evil!

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    Pure evil! Bingy, that didn't work inside the php tags. In your example, php is looking for an array named $v, but $v is a smarty variable, so it doesn't exist in the php world I suppose. Thanks for the suggestion though. – Banjer Jul 28 '10 at 14:15

Although this is kind of old topics, I managed to solve it combining a bit of suggestion from Bingy.

First you get the smarty variable into php by using get_template_vars then take the array value.

$v = $this->get_template_vars('v'); 
$myfieldid = $v['fieldid'];


$myfieldid = $this->_tpl_vars['v']['fieldid'];

If you are using PHP already in a smarty template, why don't you implement foreach as PHP loop and not smarty loop?

  • There is a bunch of smarty code inside that foreach. I simplified the code for this question. @Bingy - will try your tip and get back to you later today. – Banjer Jul 28 '10 at 13:16

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