I've tried pry and remote-pry, but no luck. I'm familiar with logging, but I want to be able to step thru my code and look at variables.

Does anyone know of anything I can use to debug Sidekiq?

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Workers are designed to be trivial to run. Put pry in your worker code and run it in the rails console.

> MyWorker.new.perform(some_args)
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    I have an instance where the timing of an async job is an issue and running it in the console does not give me the necessary environment to debug.
    – Abram
    Mar 7, 2017 at 6:00

The best thing I've come up with is this gem gem 'pry-remote' it works great and stops all processes from running. And it works like pry just put in binding.remote_pry and you've got a stopping point.


You can use byebug but you have to require it inside the class definition of the job. For instance,

class SomeJob < ActiveJob::Base
  require 'byebug'
  def perform(*args)

then in your rails console run


This will cause a breakpoint to appear where ever you have byebug called with your typical byebug prompt inside your rails console.

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