Is there any way to detect a Force Click with Javascript? I know there are ways to detect regular and right clicks, but what about Force Clicks?

  • There is nothing like force detection for mouse clicks. Nov 3, 2015 at 18:41

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I've found a JS library called Pressure.js that makes handling Force/3D Touch simpler. It works for both iOS with 3D touch and OSX with force touch. If you are using it for just force touch on Mac, you could use it like this:

Pressure.set('#element', {
  start: function(event){
    // this is called on force start
  end: function(){
    // this is called on force end
  startDeepPress: function(event){
    // this is called on "force click" / "deep press", aka once the force is greater than 0.5
  endDeepPress: function(){
    // this is called when the "force click" / "deep press" end
  change: function(force, event){
    // this is called every time there is a change in pressure
  unsupported: function(){
    // this is called once there is a touch on the element and the device or browser does not support Force or 3D touch
}, {only: 'force'});

The {only: 'force'} options at the end make sure it only runs for force touch on Mac and not also on iOS. If you want it to run on both simple remove that option.


Listen for the webkitmouseforcewillbegin and webkitmouseforcedown events. You can get the force level from the webkitForce property in the object passed into the event handler.

Of course, this only works on Safari on Macs with Force Touch support.

Source: WebKit DOM Programming Documentation

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