I have tried for the past couple of hours to install the nbextensions found in the following repo https://github.com/ipython-contrib/IPython-notebook-extensions to no avail.

The instructions say to run either conda or setup.py i have done both and both throw errors

i went to my ~/.ipython/nbextensions/ folder ran both conda and setup.py and errors come out

conda build IPython-notebook-extensions Error: no such directory: /Users/username/.ipython/nbextensions/IPython-notebook-extensions

my .ipython/nbextensions folder has all of the folders and files found in the nbextensions folder in github https://github.com/ipython-contrib/IPython-notebook-extensions/tree/master/nbextensions

how in the world should i go about to install/enable these extensions? the instructions are a bit confusing.


This should do:

git clone https://github.com/ipython-contrib/IPython-notebook-extensions.git
cd IPython-notebook-extensions
python setup.py install
cd ..
rm -r IPython-notebook-extensions
  • Thanks! i was getting a ImportError: No module named yaml error so it leave this here for future reference for others: make sure you install pyyaml for this to work properly – Joseph Nov 4 '15 at 18:24

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