What is Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) and how does it configure Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT)?


In Short Intel SCS is a set of tools that allow to configure Intel AMT, the way configuration is done is by triggering a configuration call ("hello packet") that is broadcasted to the network and then the RCS Service uses a set of WS-MAN commands in order to send the contents of a configuration file into the AMT host, thus finalizing the AMT configuration.

Taken from Intel Setup and Configuration Software Guide:

Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS):

Intel® Setup and Configuration Software (Intel® SCS) is a collection of software components and utilities developed by Intel. You can use Intel SCS to discover, configure, and maintain Intel products and capabilities on the platforms in your network. Intel SCS includes these components:

  • Remote Configuration Service (RCS) – The RCS is a Windows* based service that runs on a computer in the network. The RCS can process configuration requests sent by the other Intel SCS components. In database mode, the RCS also handles storage of data collected and sent to the RCS by other Intel SCS components.
    For more information, see Setting up the RCS.
  • Console – The Console is the user interface to the RCS. You can use the Console to create and edit configuration profiles for supported Intel products and capabilities. In database mode, the Console also lets you view data about Intel products that was sent to the RCS. Database mode also includes additional options for Intel AMT. These options include monitoring Intel AMT systems and creating and running “Jobs” on multiple Intel AMT systems.
    For more information.
  • Configurator – The Configurator (ACUConfig.exe) is used to configure Intel AMT (only) and runs locally on each Intel AMT system. You can use the Configurator to configure the system locally or send a configuration request to the RCS.
    For more information.
  • Solutions Framework – The Solutions Framework extends the capability of Intel SCS to discover and configure other Intel products in addition to Intel AMT.
  • Platform Discovery Utility
  • Discovery Utility – The Discovery Utility (SCSDiscovery.exe) can be used to get detailed data about Intel AMT (only). This utility does not interface with the RCS. (The Configurator CLI includes a SystemDiscovery command that does interface with the RCS.)
  • Database Tool – The Database Tool (DatabaseTool.exe) is used to do some of the tasks necessary when installing the RCS in database mode. For example, creating the Intel SCS database.
  • Remote Configuration Service Utility – The RCS Utility (RCSUtils.exe) is used to do some of the tasks necessary when installing the RCS.
  • Encryption Utility – The Encryption Utility (SCSEncryption.exe) is used to encrypt XML files used by Intel SCS.
  • Intel AMT Configuration Utility – This utility (ACUWizard.exe) is a wizard that you can use to quickly configure individual systems or create XML profiles for host-based configuration using the Configurator. This utility does not interface with the RCS and cannot be used to send requests or data to the RCS.

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