I want to define my own annotation for transfer objects and include there some Lombok annotations as meta-annotations:

public @interface TransferObject {

The intent is to annotate all my transfer objects with @TransferObject and "inherit" all of the above. In practice it doesn't work, classes annotated with @TransferObject are not processed by Lombok.

Is there some way to get this working? If not, it it theoretically possible to enhance Lombok to look for meta-annotations?

Note: I'm on Java 8.

UPDATE: It looks like there's a feature request for this on github.

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    ... maybe we should just introduce macro in java, and get over it:)
    – ZhongYu
    Nov 4 '15 at 3:24
  • You answered your own question. Add an answer and I happily upvote it :) Oct 8 '18 at 8:46

Short answer is NOT (for current version 1.18.4 - Oct 30, 2018)

According to the thread here:

This feature would require resolution in a very early stage of processing. Currently that is not possible. Possibly, since we now have the lombok configuration system, we might come up with a different solution.

Actually, they have several requests of the similar functionality on Lombok's GitHub page - non of them is implemented.

Please consider upvoting this feature or this one.

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