I am trying to fill in the country of Niger in map() in the maps package. I realize that specific countries that begin with certain letters will all plot unless you specify, but I cannot get it to plot only Niger without plotting Nigeria.

#plot map of Africa
map(database = "world", regions = ".", xlim = c(-20,60), ylim = c(-40,40), wrap = FALSE, resolution = 2, type = "l", bg = par("bg"), myborder = 0.01)

# fills in Nigeria alone
map(regions = 'Nigeria',fill = TRUE, add = TRUE, col = 'green')

#fills in the countries of Niger AND Nigeria
map(regions = 'Niger',fill = TRUE, add = TRUE, col = 'gray')

After reading the 'maps' documentation and finding this question I looked in the countrycode_data list of countries from the 'countrycode' package I found the regex \\bniger(?!ia) which I believe is part of my problem. I have the same problem with any other countries that start with the same letters or words such as "Guinea," "Papua New Guinea," and "Guinea-Bissau." How can I plot only the simplest version country name? None of the codes from package countrycode plot Niger alone on the map either.


According to the map() description in the maps library manual :

exact : If TRUE , only exact matches with regions are selected for drawing. If FALSE , each element of regions is matched as a regular expression against the polygon names in the database and all matches are selected for drawing.

all that is needed is to set exact=TRUE in:

map(regions = 'Niger', exact=TRUE, fill = TRUE, add = TRUE, col = 'gray')

which produces the desired result

enter image description here

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