I removed some namespaces in Metadata.xml while binding a java library like:

<remove-node path="/api/package[@name='com.payu.india.Tasks']/class[@name='VerifyPaymentTask']" />

After that java library successfully bind with my xamarin's java binding project, then I referenced that java binding project's dll with my demo project then I got error like:

Error 1: 'Com.Payu.India.Tasks.VerifyPaymentTask' does not implement inherited abstract member 'Android.OS.AsyncTask.DoInBackground(params Java.Lang.Object[])' PayU Integration\PayUSdkLib\PayUSdkLib\obj\Debug\generated\src\Com.Payu.India.Tasks.VerifyPaymentTask.cs 9 23 PayUSdkLib

Can anyone please help me that how can I solve this type of error?

  • you need to look at the method signature for that method in your binding and see how it differs from the java method. – Jason Nov 4 '15 at 5:54
  • Can you please explain your comment @Jason – Ranjit Bisht Nov 4 '15 at 5:55
  • The error message is telling you there is a mismatch between the method signature in your binding class and how it is defined in the Java library. You need to figure out what the difference is - knowing that, then you can determine how to fix it. This commit shows many common issues and how to fix them: gist.github.com/brendanzagaeski/9607158 – Jason Nov 4 '15 at 6:04
  • But @Jason i havn't any source code of java jar file, i only have the .jar file so can't view the source code.... – Ranjit Bisht Nov 4 '15 at 7:02
  • 1
    presumably they provide documentation for their API that shows the public methods and their signatures? – Jason Nov 4 '15 at 7:12

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