I have exim on server №1 ( A mailbox info was created, and email was sending and receiving successfully. But when I perform sending from server №2 (, using an email and password for authentication, the mail server does not let me, giving the following error:

H=mailer.server2.com ( [] rejected MAIL : Access denied - Invalid HELO name (See RFC2821 4.1.3)

How can I adjust the resolution to be sent from any server with any HELO №2 (

Ubuntu was installed on all servers.

  • Not a programming question, and you are not telling us what the HELO name is. Nominating to close. – tripleee Nov 4 '15 at 14:42

It seems that there is an issues with your mail client setting, Please try to update SMTP authentication setting on your mail client and check this again.


If it's a VPS try changing the hostname to something resolvable like server@mydomain.com with valid A records for the same

I found the following website useful

How to fix Invalid HELO Name error

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