I've spent a while trying figure out the best way to authorize a controller that's from a gem with CanCan. I'm specifically using Comfortable Mexican Sofa. I have it all setup with Devise and CanCan but having trouble authorizing specific controllers from within Comfy. The closest thing I can find similar to what I'm after is in the Fortress CMS gem.

I've tried using initializers and engines to extend before_action and write a simple auth method. The only thing I can find for CanCan and Comfy is here, but it's only addressing site login not specific controllers like pages, blogs, etc.

Basically, it comes to down - how am I able to extend a gem controller so I can authenticate a user for that controller specifically?


On the initializer you could customize your own authorization logic:

# Uncomment this module and `config.public_authorization` above to use custom public authorization
module ComfyPublicAuthorization
  def authorize
    # TODO: your own authorization logic. Check params variable here

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