When using byacc, getting following error.

byacc -d -p ws_yy_ wmlscript/wsgram.y && mv y.tab.c wmlscript/wsgram.c
byacc: e - line 111 of "wmlscript/wsgram.y", syntax error
make: *** [wmlscript/wsgram.c] Error 1

byacc version: 1.9 20070509
system info: RHEL 6.4 64 bit 

Please suggest which version of byacc supports re-entrant code. I found the suggestion of touching the wsgram.y file when I did bit of research on the same.


The byacc Changelog says %pure-parser was added in February, 2010:

2010-02-16 Thomas E. Dickey

  • skeleton.c: implement %pure-parser, like bison. To help with this, changed the stack variables, putting them into a struct.

So I guess you're going to need an upgrade.

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