As we have the option of opening links in skype by just providing the URI:


Can we do something similar to achieve the same functionality but it opens in Skype for Business? Kindly let me know.



Found a solution for this after a lot of research. Best alternative to work with Skype for Business:


This would open the chat window for the user and the user can do whatever they want from there.


I'm not yet allowed to comment so this is to confirm The Newbie's answer works great for me...

<div id=skypecallbox>
    <a href="skype:live:skype.charlie.brown?chat">Chat - Blockhead (old skype)</a><br />
    <a href="sip:charie.brown@peanuts.com">Chat - Blockhead (new skype)</a>

Thanks The Newbie!

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Command-Line Parameters

tel: | Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

callto: | Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

sip: | Opens the Conversation window with the specified SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the participant list.

Sips: | If Lync 2013 is configured to use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, functions exactly like sip:. If TLS is not being used, displays a dialog box informing the user that a higher level of security is required.

conf: | If URI is self, instantiates the focus and brings up roster-only view. Otherwise, brings up roster view but does not send INVITE.

im: | Displays an instant messaging (IM)-only Conversation window with the SIP URI. Accepts multiple SIP URIs specified inside angle brackets (<>) without any separator.


Tel:+14255550101 | Opens a phone-only view with +14255550101.

Callto:tel:+14255550101 | Opens a phone-only view with +14255550101.

Callto:sip:kazuto@litwareinc.com | Opens a phone-only view with kazuto@litwareinc.com.

sip:kazuto@litwareinc.com | Opens a Conversation window with azuto@litwareinc.com.

conf:sip:https://meet.contoso.com/kazuto/7322994 | Opens a Conversation window and displays meeting audio join options.

More information:



Maybe useful for someone: This is how to use skype for business to get to skype users via O365 (external communications to skype network needs to be specifically allowed)

<a href="sip:SKYPEALIAS@skypeids.net">Say hello</a>

If you use angular to dynamically call this try adding below to make sure it is not blocked

var app = angular.module( 'myApp', [] )
.config( [
    function( $compileProvider )
        // Angular before v1.2 uses $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist(...)

and then call

<a href="sip:SKYPEALIAS@skypeids.net">Say hello</a>

you can start a call or IM with Skype for Business, but you need to use the full URI, like


if you just use the ID it will tell you that the contact does not exists, so this will not work:


Best Regards from Argentina, Marianok


From MSDN documentation:

Skype for Business Mobile URIs to initiate calls and chats using the Skype for Business mobile clients from websites and other apps.

General Syntax

"ms-sfb://" [operation] ["?" query ]


Start a chat


Start a call


Start a video call (Android only):

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  • If I use <a href="ms-sfb://call?id=+1425-555-1234">Call</a> it doesn't work for me. Any suggestions? The site tries to browse to this destination and doesn't find it (obviously). – timmkrause Nov 29 '17 at 12:11

I wasn't able to make it working with sip: but it works with sips:

<a href="sips:xyz@domain.com">Open Skype Business</a>

Yes, you can use lync15: instead of skype:

At least it opens Skype for Business... I'm still looking how to start chat - call - video call like for Skype Nothing in documentation, really annoying...

We are working on the same thing the same day :D

  • Nope, it doesn't work with lync15: unfortunately. It does try to open it but says that the contact does not exist. – Neophile Nov 5 '15 at 15:56
  • Yup... Looks like lync15: is useless. Guess it's just impossible to start chat / call like skype: uri with Skype for business. – Niallith Nov 5 '15 at 16:02

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