I am using Alamofire for network handling in swift and run into one weird error. It seems like we can't pass Method enum as parameter.
[Error is on Method parameter]

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private func apiRequest(method: Method, url: String, apiData: [String : AnyObject], completion:(finished: Bool, response: AnyObject?) ->Void) {

    Alamofire.request(method, url, parameters: apiData).responseJSON{ response in
        if let JSON = response.result.value {
            completion(finished: true, response: JSON)
        } else {
            completion(finished: false, response:nil)
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    Use qualified name, e.g. Alamofire.Method if there is a name collision. You are already doing that for request function. – Sulthan Nov 5 '15 at 12:00

You have to specify the module from which to lookup object type. Call Alamofire.Method


There is probably a name collision. To solve it, you can use the qualified name of the enum (including the module name):

private func apiRequest(method: Alamofire.Method, ...

I have also encountered this problem, because I have declared a number of the same name of the protocol:

protocol SomeProtocol {
   static func someTypeMethod()

protocol SomeProtocol {
   init(someParameter: Int)

protocol SomeProtocol {
   var mustBeSettable: Int { get set }
   var doesNotNeedToBeSettable: Int { get }

You may have a class declared in two or more places in your application. The error is saying that there is no conclusive way to use this class because there are a couple different places in the code it is declared.


Swift 4 and Alamofire 4.7

Replace HTTPMethod to Alamofire.HTTPMethod


While the answer to this did fix the build error; in my case, the file showing the warning was in two different frameworks so Xcode did not know where to look. This was not the intended behavior of our internal frameworks so I simply removed the copy I no longer wanted.


The type Method is declared in two imported modules. You have to specify the module from which to use the type. Use Alamofire.Method instead of Method.

Tip: If you are using the type often, you can create a type alias in your module (application):

typealias Method = Alamofire.Method

That way you will not need to prefix the type with Alamofire. any more.


Change the enum type name to different &...

  • Use the $(inherited) flag, or
  • Remove the build settings from the target.

Target - > building settings- >ALWAYS_EMBED_SWIFT_STANDARD_LIBRARIES, Value type is Boolean, click on the other, change the value to $(inherited) perform - pod update Done

then try to run Your project , error will gone ! (I have tried in my project)

enum 'XYZ'ButtonType {


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