I am trying to edit a robots.txt file in wordpress. I can do so manually. Is there an option in wordpress (without installing plugins) to edit robots.txt or one has to install a plugin for this purpose?

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There is nothing built into WordPress to edit the robots.txt file directly. You would either need to manually edit it, or use a plugin.

WordPress will automatically create the robots.txt for you. If it is a matter of preventing bots from seeing some pages, I would suggest using a plugin called Yoast SEO which will help you with that.

For some information on this topic, You can check out this great article.


You DON'T need to:

  • use plugin
  • create a file

The first is excessive, the second gets in the way of WP and other plugins that need to update robots.txt.

I can't believe this isn't documented somewhere, but I finally figured it out:

WP has a robots.txt generation process, "robots_txt". If you hook a filter into this you can added stuff to robots without a plugin and without adding a file. Add something like this to your functions.php file:

add_filter('robots_txt', 'addToRoboText');

function addToRoboText($robotext) {
    $additions = "
# Added by filter in functions
User-agent: NinjaBot
Allow: /
    return $robotext . $additions;

This will append to your virtual robots.txt 'file' and other plugins, e.g. site-map plugins will be able to append also.

Notice, I didn't indent the lines intended for inclusion. The tabs/spaces become part of the string and indent the text in the robots file. I don't think it matters but it looks too messy for me.

Now, go to http://yourdomain/robots.txt and see how it looks!

Woo hoo!

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    Astonishing that this is not better documented. – Russell Silva Nov 8 '16 at 20:33

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