I can use Unirest to get an object of my own class like this:

HttpResponse<Item> itemResponse = Unirest.get("http://localhost:8080/item").asObject(Item.class);

I can also set the type parameter to List, which does give me a list of hash maps, but I'd like to get a list of items instead. Is this possible?


Don't know if you're still waiting for an answer, but you should use an array. Like this;

HttpResponse<Item[]> itemResponse = Unirest.get("http://localhost:8080/item").asObject(Item[].class);
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    Well this was for a class last semester, but I appreciate your help. I'm sure it will help someone else too!
    – Hassan
    Jan 9 '16 at 0:40

Besides @scuro's answer, you can also get a list of objects from a response like this:

List<Item> items = Unirest.get("http://localhost:8080/item")
              .asObject(new GenericType<List<Item>>(){})

From Unirest Docs.

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    Just a note that GenericType<T> is Java EE and won't be available in a Java SE project. In this case, @scuro's response works.
    – OOP
    Feb 17 '21 at 7:14

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