I am currently working on fixing some bugs that have surfaced as a result of upgrading from IE8 to IE11. The function in which the error occurs attempts to set a variable to reference a SVG document. Names are then assigned to element attributes within the SVG. This code was working correctly in IE8, but is no longer working in IE11.

I am working in IE11 with Enterprise Mode enabled.

Document mode: 5
Browser Profile: Enterprise
User agent string: Default

Error: SCRIPT3: Member not found.

Line where error is thrown:

var svgDoc = document.embeds(0).getSVGDocument();

Function w/ error:

function addMouseHandlers()
    var svgDoc = document.embeds(0).getSVGDocument();
    //var svgDoc = document.embeds(0).contentDocument();

    var rgrElements = svgDoc.getElementsByTagName("rgr:ranger");
    //document.all.results.innerHTML = rgrElements.length + " rgr:ranger nodes found.";

    //var childNodeList = rgrElements.item(0).getChildNodes();
    var gParent = null;
    var idx = 0;
    var sub = "";
    var point = "";
    for (idx = 0; idx < rgrElements.length; idx++) {
        sub = "";
        point = "";

        gParent = rgrElements.item(idx).parentNode();
        if (rgrElements.item(idx).hasAttribute("substation")) {
            sub = rgrElements.item(idx).getAttribute("substation");
        if (rgrElements.item(idx).hasAttribute("point")) {
            point = rgrElements.item(idx).getAttribute("point");
        gParent.setAttribute('onmouseover', 'showPointInfo(\"' + sub + '\", \"' + point + '\")');
        //gParent.setAttribute('onmouseout', 'showPointInfo(\"\", \"\")');

addMouseHandlers() called from:

function bodyLoaded()
    var scriptToRun;
    scriptToRun = "closeWaiter3 \"pic\"";
    //document.parentWindow.parent.execScript(scriptToRun, "VBScript");

//bodyLoaded() called onload
<BODY BGCOLOR=BLACK onload="bodyLoaded()">

I have looked a several related posts, but have not been able to apply the solutions to my issue. This post: Member not found IE error (IE 6, 7, 8, 9) explains that this is an issue due to IE not passing an event to another function if that function call is within a setTimeout. However the call stack for this function does not include any reference to 'setTimeout'. I have also tried to reference the SVG document using 'contentDocument' property without success.

I believe this may be an issue with how the initial function is called using 'onload' but I am unable to uncover what needs to be changed while debugging.

Q: Would someone be able to guide me on how I can debug this issue and find the root of the problem?

Edit: The SVG embed tag is set like this:

<embed src="<%=strPic%>" name="SVGEmbed" WIDTH="1024px" HEIGHT="647px"/>

Am I trying to reference the SVG document incorrectly?

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    Fundamentally, if you're using setAttribute to hook up event handlers, you're doing it wrong. Look at addEventListener. Do I know that's the problem? No. But it's the first thing I'd fix. If it doesn't fix it, an MCVE would be the next step. – T.J. Crowder Nov 5 '15 at 22:11
  • Thanks for the help! Would this issue with event handlers inhibit me from calling and referencing the SVG document within the embed element? I was able to reference the SVG doc using getSVGDocument() in IE8 without issue. Not sure why a disconnect exists now. @T.J.Crowder – Marcus Koz Nov 6 '15 at 15:53

Turns out the svg doc object was not being initialized in time for the getSVGDocument() call. Adding a setTimeout for the addMouseHandlers() function call alleviated this issue.

function bodyLoaded()
    var scriptToRun;
    scriptToRun = "closeWaiter3 \"pic\"";
    //Added the settimeout so, svg gets some time to initialize
    setTimeout('addMouseHandlers()', 1000);

Not sure what the differences are between IE8 and IE11 that would cause this issue. Would someone with a greater knowledge of IE be able to explain why this occurred?

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