Somewhat new to Azure. We have 3 different cloud service accounts (dev/qa/prod). We have the same 1 web role and 2 worker roles we'd like to deploy to these cloud service accounts. In Visual Studio (2013), I have currently one Azure Project with the 1 web role and 2 worker roles. I have created 3 different ServiceConfigurations for each environment. I can create a deployment package using the corresponding ServiceConfiguration. So far so good.

Now, it seems I can only have one ServiceDefintion.csdef file. If I want different VM sizing for my envs (i.e. different ServiceDefinition.csdef file for each env), how can I accomplish this?


Found various solutions/options:

However, I ultimately resolved the issue at our deployment server (Octopus). I have a single definition file and 2 config files (local and cloud) - the defaults in VS. For workstation debug the local serviceconfiguration is used. When I build and package I use the cloud serviceconfiguration as starting point. Then in Octopus I transform / variable substitute both the servicedefintion and serviceconfiguration based on target deployment environment.

  • How did you modify the service Def file inside a cspkg in octopus deploy? Is there any online resource on this? – Sujesh Arukil May 1 '16 at 21:17

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