I need to send a (multipart) HTTP request which contains a file which is named. This seems to be harder to achieve than I imagined... I've tried to figure out a way to do it with HTTPoison, but I can't get it to use a name other than "file". I've tried using Hackney directly, but there doesn't appear to be an option, and there definitely isn't a test on either of these which shows this functionality. I've also had a look at ibrowse and HTTPotion but can't find anything which seems useful (my Erlang is very limited, mind you). Here is an example of what I want to do, with the Ruby library Curb (note the Curl::PostField.file takes a name and a file path).

Is this such a strange thing to do? Or am I missing something obvious here... Any suggestion is greatly appreciated.


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In case anyone in the future encounters this problem, here's the solution:

request = HTTPoison.post!(url, {:multipart, [{:file, "path/to/file", { ["form-data"], [name: "\"photo\"", filename: "\"/path/to/file\""]},[]}]}, headers, options)

Note the extra escaped quotes.


I managed to get it working with

HTTPoison.post!(url, {:multipart, [{"name", "value"}, {:file, path_to_file}]})

with some help from this Github issue

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