I'm trying to use Exoplayer in my project (instead of the MediaPlayer of Android). However, I have a problem: getting the id of current audio session. With traditional MediaPlayer, it's easy by calling getAudioSessionId, but Exoplayer hasn't any corresponding method. Anyone help me?


As of ExoPlayer2 MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer and PlayerControl can't be used anymore to obtain the AudioSessionId. Instead, you should set an AudioRendererEventListener on your exoPlayer instance.


AudioRendererEventListener is now deprecated. Use AnalyticsListener instead.

exoplayer.addAnalyticsListener(new AnalyticsListener() {
     * Called when the audio session id is set.
     * @param eventTime      The event time.
     * @param audioSessionId The audio session id.
    public void onAudioSessionId(EventTime eventTime, int audioSessionId) {
         // do something with audioSessionId
Player.AudioComponent audioComponent = exoPlayer.getAudioComponent();
int audioSessionid=audioComponent.getAudioSessionId();
  import  com.google.android.exoplayer.util.PlayerControl;

Instantiate PlayerControl object by passing your Exoplayer instance. and call getAudioSessionId.

PlayerControl playerControl=new PlayerControl(Exoplayer.instance);

int audioSessionId=playerControl.getAudioSessionId();

I think this is what you wants.

  • PlayerControl don't support this method, but I've found solution. I use onAudioSessionId of Render class.
    – hunghd
    Nov 8 '15 at 13:13
  • Oooo....would be better if you could post a simple implementation example for other visitors Nov 9 '15 at 6:13

Here is the code snippet that i used to fetch audio session id -

  FrameworkSampleSource sampleSource = new FrameworkSampleSource(getApplicationContext(), builtUri, null);
  MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer audioRenderer = new MediaCodecAudioTrackRenderer(sampleSource, MediaCodecSelector.DEFAULT){
        protected void onAudioSessionId(int audioSessionId) {

            // do whatever u want to do with id.


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