From a Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Server I have a problem sending a print command to a network host running Windows 7 Professional which shares a printer with the network. The command I execute is the following:

> print /D:\\<hostname>\<printer_sharename> <filename>

and it doesn't work. The response is:

Unable to initialize device \\<hostname>\<printer_sharname>

If I try to execute the following command

> print /D:\\<host'sipaddress>\<printer_sharename> <filename>

from the Windows Server it works.

If I execute the command with the hostname from any other machine in the network it works.

I thought it could be a DNS problem, so I tried to check hostname with nslookup but it works, DNS server give me the right IP address.

I would use hostname instead of IP address because Microsoft Reference say to use \\ServerName\PrinterName https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc731623.aspx

Why I'm having this behavior? Any ideas?

Thanks a lot everyone.


Analyzing the problem, there were many other problems connected to the hostname of that windows 7 machine: for example, Windows shares weren't accessible from any workstation although ping worked fine.

After many hours of tries, I resolved by changing hostname of the machine of the shared printer.

Now everything works and I can print correctly from every other computer of the network.

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You should be using echo instead of print to write to the console.

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