I am running a test that includes mounting and unmounting a USB device.

The test is run on both Linux and Windows. Linux is obviously not an issue, but is there a way, preferably by means of Python, to do this on Windows? Or better yet, is there a library that is cross-compatible, and that would do that for each OS?


You may need install Desktop-Experience package

try the following code:

import platform
if (platform.system()  == "Windows"):
      os.system('PowerShell Mount-DiskImage C:\path\ConsumerPreview-32bit.iso') 
      # as mount operates only in powershell
elif (platform.system() == "Linux"):
      os.system("mount /dev/dvdrom /mount-point")

for eject DisMount-DiskImage C:\path\English.iso

and for info Get-DiskImage C:\path\English.iso | Get-Volume

You can use mount os.path.join to join paths.

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  • where is the shareName path. is this where I want to mount the usb and device name is name of usb? – homeGrown Nov 6 '15 at 15:50
  • Sharename is \mountpoint Devicename is full path for USB – Ravichandra Nov 6 '15 at 16:29

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