I am using zbar python module for integrating Barcode reader but unable to open a view for that my code:

from sys import argv
import zbar
from PIL import Image
import io
import time
import picamera

class BarCodeScan(BrowserView):
   def __call__(self):
    if len(argv) < 2: exit(1)

    # create a reader
    scanner = zbar.ImageScanner()

    # configure the reader

    # obtain image data
    pil = Image.open(argv[1]).convert('L')
    width, height = pil.size
    raw = pil.tostring()

    # wrap image data
    image = zbar.Image(width, height, 'Y800', raw)

    # scan the image for barcodes

    # extract results
    for symbol in image:
        # do something useful with results
        print 'decoded', symbol.type, 'symbol', '"%s"' % symbol.data

    # clean up

It gives following error:

OSError: libmmal.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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    Are you certain that libmmal is installed? Is it possible that you have not installed the picamera library? This is another SO question that might be related, and here are a set of google results related to libmmal.so being missing on raspberry pi. I suspect this is not a Plone problem, but something with the installation of picamera on your machine.
    – cewing
    Nov 6, 2015 at 19:31


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