I am currently making a Bounded Array Stack. this method throws arrays that are larger then the storage capacity to the StackOverflowException, except i keep getting an error message for the "throws StackOverflowException part

public void push(T item) throws StackOverflowException {
    //push item onto the stack,
    if (isFull()) throw new StackOverflowException();
    else {
        storage[top] = item;

Error Message:

Error:(52, 17) java: push(T) in com.ld.BoundedArrayStack cannot implement push(T) in com.ld.StackADT overridden method does not throw com.ld.StackOverflowException

other message:

push(T) in com.Id.BoundedArrayStack clashes with push(T) in com.Id.StackADT; overridden method does not throw com.Id.StackOverflowException

i dont understand what the problem is.

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    Well, you can't override method and add to it new non-runtime exception (which I believe com.ld.StackOverflowException is). How would client using supertype reference be aware of this new exception and handle it properly?
    – Pshemo
    Nov 7 '15 at 1:04
  • Is it a method of a subclass? Does the superclass' method throw that exception? Do you have access to the superclass' source?
    – MeetTitan
    Nov 7 '15 at 1:05

From your error message, your superclass StackADT defined push not to throw StackOverflowException, so any override of this method cannot throw StackOverflowException either.

You can either:

  • Make your StackOverflowException a RuntimeException, which can always be thrown at any time. You don't have to declare it in the throws clause, or
  • Declare the push method in StackADT so that it throws a StackOverflowException.

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