How can I communicate with Tor network in Delphi?

I want to use tor network for my IDHTTP1 operations

Is it possible?

If so, can any one help me?


tor is a SOCKS proxy, so you should be able to follow the SOCKS answer from the INDY Faq:

indy 10:

  1. Create an IOHandler such as TIdIOHandlerStack or SSL IOHandler and assign the TCPClient.IOHandler property this.
  2. Create a TIdSocksInfo object and assign it to the IOHandler's TransparentProxy property.
  3. Set the TIdSocksInfo properties as required.
  4. If there is another proxy that the SOCKS Proxy itself needs to use, you have to use, set the Chained Proxy to a TIdCustomTransparentProxy such as TIdSocksInfo for another socks Proxy or a TIdConnectThroughHttpProxy for a HTTP Tunneling proxy.

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