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I have a binding to a trait, and I want to cast it to the implementing struct so that I can call a method implemented on that struct. Is this possible? Below is code that illustrates what I'd like to do:

struct Struct {
    num: u8

trait Trait {
    fn trait_fn(&self) -> u8;

impl Trait for Struct {
    fn trait_fn(&self) -> u8 {
        self.num + 1

impl Struct {
    fn struct_fn(&self) -> u8 {
        self.num - 1

fn main() {
    let t: Box<Trait> = Box::new(Struct { num: 5 });
    let t_result = t.trait_fn();
    let s_result = (*t as Struct).struct_fn(); // How can I do something like this?
    println!("Trait Result: {}, Struct Result: {}", t_result, s_result);

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