I want to search and delete some registry keys. These keys may vary in address, but their names are fixed like below:





Currently, I can search for them and write to a new file by command below, but there are two problems, first, It only searches in one directory either HKU, or HKLM or HKCU, or ... ; second, how to write another batch file to read found addresses and delete these keys?

REG Query HKU /f {1F7B5093-119B-4c50-B705-658A231CEC4B} /s > "out.bat" 

If I can read lines in out.bat, the keys could be easily deleted by [-reg.address]


Use for loops:

@echo off
for %%a in (HKLM HKU) do (
    for %%b in (
    ) do (
        echo Searching %%a for %%~b...
        for /f "delims=" %%c in ('
            reg query %%a /s /k /f "%%~b" ^| findstr /b "HKEY"
        ') do (
            echo Deleting %%c
            reg delete "%%c" /f >nul

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