I have a form with multiple submit buttons called "select". I want to be able to tell which was clicked. I can't set the value to the number because I want them to say "select". How can I do this?


You can give them different name attributes instead of different value attributes. For example:

<%= f.submit "select", name: "select_one" %>
<%= f.submit "select", name: "select_two" %>

Clicking the first one will insert


into your POST parameters and clicking the second one will insert


into your POST parameters.

In your controller, simply use params[:select_one] and/or params[:select_two] as conditions in your logic, like so:

if params[:select_one]
  puts "select_one was clicked"
elsif params[:select_two]
  puts "select_two was clicked"
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  • was hoping there was another way but this worked. thanks. – Curt Nov 9 '15 at 16:07

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