For PCI compliance, is there any recommended Encryption Key Management Software? Open source preferable, but commercial is ok too. Is there a tool or software that provides both?


ezNCrypt looks like it may be useful, it promises TDE for MySql

You could also consider using MS SQL 2008 to store the card data, then look into Extensible Key Management. There are a few EKM providers out there, such as Thales. Using a 3rd party EKM would be easy (probably zero development time), but very costly (think $50k). With an EKM module you can then use Transparent Data Encryption

If you only want key management, without the transparent data encryption, then StrongKey is probably your best price/performance option. You'd need to spend some development time to integrate with it.

If you want to take the time and develop your own solution, then I can offer some help in the answer here

Good luck!

  • That's a good amount of excellent information. eznCrypt looks promising, but seems to be pricey. Can I use the Java Key store implementation instead? Also, is StrongKey used in production environments? – Prabhu R Jul 30 '10 at 12:45
  • I'm not too familiar with Java, so in short - not sure, on either count. Sorry. – PaulG Jul 30 '10 at 14:55

MyDiamo is freeware for non-profit personal use, and commercial for another use.

You can encrypt datas in MySQL. MyDiamo has developed under Engine-Level Encryption. It provides "transparent" installation and encryption.

Thank you.


I'm not going to pretend to answer the main question, but I would have thought that if the encryption is transparent, then that likely wouldn't address the usual concerns re PCI compliance. That is to say, the encryption of things like credit card data being highly opaque from the point of view of your application is the whole point of the exercise.

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