I need a method for adding "business days" in PHP. For example, Friday 12/5 + 3 business days = Wednesday 12/10.

At a minimum I need the code to understand weekends, but ideally it should account for US federal holidays as well. I'm sure I could come up with a solution by brute force if necessary, but I'm hoping there's a more elegant approach out there. Anyone?


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I just created this function, which seems to work very well:

function getBusinessDays($date1, $date2){

        $date1 = strtotime($date1);

        $date2 = strtotime($date2);

    if($date2 < $date1){
        $temp_date = $date1;
        $date1 = $date2;
        $date2 = $temp_date;

    $diff = $date2 - $date1;

    $days_diff = intval($diff / (3600 * 24));
    $current_day_of_week = intval(date("N", $date1));
    $business_days = 0;

    for($i = 1; $i <= $days_diff; $i++){
        if(!in_array($current_day_of_week, array("Sunday" => 1, "Saturday" => 7))){

        if($current_day_of_week > 7){
            $current_day_of_week = 1;

    return $business_days;

echo "Business days: " . getBusinessDays("8/15/2014", "8/8/2014");

PHPClasses have a nice class for this named PHP Working Days. You can check this class.


There is a Formula:

number_of_days - math_round_down(10 * (number_of_days / (business_days_in_a_week * days_in_a_week)))

Tada! you calculate the numbers of business day, in a month, in a week, in a whatever you want.

math_round_down () is a hypothetical method, which implements a mathematical function that rounds down.


https://github.com/Arbitr108/useful_php Here is a class which can estimate the working days into calendar. So after estimation simply add calendar period to the date you need

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