I have a list of strings containing IP addresses. I want to append a port number to each of them. In python I would do it something like this:

ip_list = [(ip + ":" + port) for ip in ip_list]

...but Jinja doesn't support list comprehensions. At the moment I'm kludging the problem by building a new list one item at a time:

{%- set ip_list = magic() %}
{%- set new_ip_list = [] %}
{%- for ip in ip_list %}
  {%- do new_ip_list.append(ip + ":" + port) %}
{%- endfor %}

This is ugly and irritating in the middle of a template, and it feels like there should really be a better way to get the job done. Preferably a one-liner.

While I know this can be done with custom filters, I'm supplying a template to software I did not write (saltstack), so they are (as far as I know) unavailable to me.


Not having list comprehensions in ANY language is annoying!

Could you use the "|format" filter?

{% for ip in magic() -%}
    - name: {{ "curl 'http://%s:80/'"|format(ip) }}
{% endfor -%}
  • Sadly, no. I need the result to be a list of jinja string objects (it gets passed through join() later). – Andrew Nov 9 '15 at 20:44

This is by no means pretty, but this worked for me. I needed to build a list of usernames with a "!" in front of each one. This list has to be placed on a line with commas between the users.

My list of users (set in vars, defaults or whatever) looks like:

excluded_users: ["fred","jim","bob","arthur"]

In my template I've got this:

Match user *,!root{% if excluded_users|length > 0 %},!{{ excluded_users|join(",!") }}{% endif %}

...once rendered and saved, it looks like this:

Match user *,!root,!fred,!jim,!bob,!arthur

Like I said, not particularly pretty ;-)

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